Ugly Aliens Training Center v1.0
Get ready for hours and hours of alien-smashing fun. Use the many space laser and exploding weapons to avoid the invasion of the ugliest cutest kind of invaders ever seen on earth.

Ugly Aliens Training Center is the prelude to the coming game Ugly Aliens, stay tuned for more!

Game Features

Two Game Modes
Fight the invaders in two different super-addictive modes: Levels and Survival Mode.
Infinite Number of Levels
Shoot a never-ending amount of levels, each more difficult than the other, just like in the old times!
Survival Mode
Battle against the aliens in a never-ending stream of enemies and break your own record. Share it with your friends to show how weak they are against your skill.
Power-Up Surprises
You are not alone in this quest to fight the invasion. Through the game you will find lots of power-ups to help smash aliens in craziest of ways.
Get Gear in the Space Store
While battling you can pick coins with your bare hands and lasers to exchange them in the space store for awesome power-ups than will give you leverage on the next battle.
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